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Everything Is Beautiful.....In its Own Way

The butterfly has a metamorphic process that is very arduous but finalizes as a beautiful creature. When we go through trauma that is a very similar metamorphic process. Just like the butterfly you must go through each stage of pain to learn from the experience to be ready to soar into the next step of your journey.

At Transforming Our Practice, LLC., we strive to create leadership coaching experiences that are focused on the concepts of adult and peer to peer learning aligned to leadership competency growth and development. Our coaching philosophy is based on relevant research and evidenced-based practices that transformational Leaders believe in. As one recent poll, given to over Leaders, stated “ I needed support in my role as a leader that would have helped me to become the leader I know I could become”. Furthermore, with the “Great Resignation”, we must begin to strategically provide support in innovative and proactive ways to ensure professional development is real-world applicable and moves the individual Leader to perform beyond their current reality.

We would love to discuss a partnership with your Organization to offer Leadership Coaching and Facilitation designed specifically for increasing Social and Emotional awareness that will support their growth and development as a Leader. We can do 1:1 coaching as well as group coaching. All of our coaching is done virtually and at the comfort of time availability of the Leader.

If interested please take a look at our website and then send an email to: where we can discuss how to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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