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Coaching to the Great Migration

Editor and Chief, of the Harvard Business Review, Adi Ignatius wrote in the May/June 2022 edition, "In the United States, which has a workforce of approximately 160 million, about 4 million people have been quitting their jobs each month- the highest quit rate on record." He along with many change theorists have called this the Great Resignation.

I recently went to a professional organization meeting and heard the term the Great Migration. This I believe is more appropriate to what is going on today in our new normal of workforce. More than ever we have the autonomy to reconsider what our work is and to craft what our work place and work day looks like. As transformational leaders we must lean into this critical shift so that we are prepared to lead our people in this cataclysmic paradigm shift of re-thinking work.

One research proven method to facilitate this change is to offer employees Leadership Coaching as part of your menu of leadership development. As one of the most asked questions during migration interviews is " how will the company help to develop my skills"? Transformational Leadership Coaching has proven to be a lynchpin for tapping into hidden potential to develop peak leadership performance thus cultivating and sustaining a high performing organization. Investing in your employees early can help with retention and job satisfaction- ultimately keeping employees from migrating again.

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